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Monday, September 16, 2013

真人真事】念佛的奇跡 -佛为大医王

真人真事】念佛的奇跡 -佛为大医王  





[Buddha's Miracle (ill rebirth) In addition to saving lives Woe]

Best suited not a Buddhist, not Buddhism, the Buddha did not understand, you can not know the right view are superstitious people.

The most suitable long illness, serious illness cachexia strange disease, lack of medical care, no money for people to see a doctor.

Today, all around us, there are many sick people get treatment, or because the lack of medical treatment, or because of remoteness, or because there is not enough money, so people are suffering from the pain of torture and death threats. Currently the world there are many seriously ill and terminally ill against abnormal human, and people have not yet found an effective way deal with them. Around us, as well as natural disasters and accidents suffered unfortunate people, many of them tragic helplessness, sorrow survive. We now put this real documentary dedicated to the people who need it, look forward to the world to reduce some pain, add some hope.

Please try to go ..... outgoing URLs boundless!

Willing to take this merit, solemn Buddhist Pure Land,
Reported four-fold grace, suffering under the economic three passers,
If knowledge who learned Bodhicitta,
Try this one at the body, with the Health Bliss country.

Willing to go back to the Ten Dharma Realms beings merit
Willing to go back to the agony beings merit
Back to Leijie sentient beings and earthly parents.
Back to the late XIE Yu Ye.
Back to Lam Hing Choi and agony eliminate all beings, Fu Hui growth. Buddhist Dhamma.
Beings Order Foci force sins eliminated, good roots grow, if Lin Mingzhong, knowing when to, the body no agony, the heart does not covet, meaning not reversed, such as into the meditation, the Buddha and holy beings, armed Jintai to meet the Dharma Realm beings, in a study are, raw bliss country

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