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About 法界圣凡水陆普度大斋胜会 The Great Assembly to Liberate All Beings of Water and Land

Saturday, April 6, 2013


2010年11月25日,福建漳州诏安樟公寺举行隆重的毗卢阁落成暨佛像开光法会。法­照大和尚率多位新加坡居士参与盛会, 并与多位海内外高僧大德一起为毗卢阁及佛像洒净开光,大家法喜充满,随喜古老道场的弘­法利生事业又步入一个新的里程碑

Chang Kong Si – the temple deco, the food, the rooms, the garden, the swimming pond, the prayers, the polite volunteers, the firecrackers, the fireworks, the animal liberations, the peace and tranquility.
When at Fu Shi Yuan,  廈門虎溪禪寺 / 参观虎溪岩寺 which is one of Ven Hong Chuan ancestral temple, do go into the Tiger Cave, which the Temple is named after (Tiger and Stream). It is smaller than Chang Kong Si but is an ancient Buddhist Temple in Xiamen. Do notice the rock formation when walking up the slope and the panoramic view.

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