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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

梁皇寶懺 Repentance in Liang Huang Bao Cheng

112 新世紀宗教研究 第七卷第三期

The Imports and Significances of the Dharma-gate
of Repentance in Liang Huang Bao Cheng
Shih, Fa Yuan
A Candidate for Doctor’s Degree of the Eastern Humanities Thought Research
Institute H.F.U.
The long and widely circulated Liang Huang Bao Cheng, which is also known as
“the Greatest Text of Repentance,” provides a systematic significance and influence on
Buddhist psychiatry program and Buddhist wisdom education program.

In view of this, this paper focuses on the discussion of the doctrine of repentance of this dharma,
and explains the imports and significances of its dharma-gate of repentance.

In addition, few works in the academic world give an analysis to the entire structure and
content of this dharma of repentance.

So this paper is based on the structure of the ten volumes of Liang Huang Bao Cheng,
starting from venerating the Three Treasures of Buddhism, ending
doubts and giving full trust to Buddha, repentance, the arousal of the earnest intention
to attain enlightenment, the arousal of the vow to save all sentient beings, returning
one’s merits to the Buddha-nature, showing the fruits of karma, hells transcending,
grudges dissolving and self-gratifying, arousal of intention to attain enlightenment and
vow to save all sentient beings, receiving and transmitting advices from Buddha.

The result of the analysis is that the dharma-gate of repentance in this text includes three

 1) Buddha worshipping, repentance, and the arousal of earnest intention to attain

2) guilt confessing and grudges dissolving;
3) complete trust in the fruit of repentance, the arousal of the vow to save all sentient beings, and returning one’s merits to the Buddha-nature.

Based on the three imports in this theme, a second theme will be
brought up, which can also be summarized into four points:

1) Liang Huang Bao Cheng
is an integral set of Buddhist psychiatry and Buddhist wisdom cultivating education

2) it emphasizes that the repentance by Buddha worshipping is more important
than the repentance by observing the true form of reality;

3) start from the dharma-gate of
repentance, it urges people to follow the practices of cultivation of the Great Vehicle, such
as the six perfections;

4) it also stresses on the arousal, maintenance, and the completion
of the intention to realize enlightenment, according to the dharma-gate of repentance. This
paper will provide a comprehensive analysis on the three imports and the four points of
significance in order to explain that this text of repentance is an integral set of Buddhist
repentance education program, which can help one to fulfill the ultimate aim of becoming
a Buddha.

Finally, it is hoped that the key points and significances of the dharma-gate of
repentance explained by this paper can show the necessity and the substantial meaning of
studying this topic, so as to provide an outstanding introduction to the Liang Huang Bao
Cheng for reference.

The Rite of Practicing Mercy of Buddhist Mass, Liang Huang Bao Cheng,
Repentance, Repentance by observing the true form of reality, Repentance by
Buddha worshipping, Guilt repentance.
《梁皇寶懺》懺悔法門的重點與意義 113
關鍵詞: 慈悲道場懺法、《粱皇寶懺》、懺悔、實相懺悔、禮佛懺悔、

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